Be Alert ! Fire Hurts

Leading home fire safety services in Pakistan

Tragic Fire accidents in homes can leave life-changing effects on many aspects of your family’s lives. House fires are not only highly dangerous but deadly at the same time. Hundreds of cases related to domestic fire breakouts reported every year in Pakistan. Almost always children and old people are the main victims of fire-related situations where they suffered from mild to serious injuries.

With its years of experience, Haseen Habib Home Fire Safety has rendered a home Fire Fighting package specially designed to save the family of our most valued customers from home fire breakouts. Our home firefighting appliances are extremely applauded because of their efficiency to Protect your loved ones, family belongings, and home.

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Haseen Habib Home Fire Safety

Saving Homes from  fire Since 1964

Haseen Habib Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd. is proud Pakistani manufacture with a wide variety of fire protection products under the Firechief brand. We always strive to provide the best solutions and products suitable for your home. Our decades of experience made us the first choice of Pakistanis when it comes to complete and holistic home fire safety solutions in Pakistan.

We Supply and Install Fire Protection Systems for Residential and Commercial

Latest Fire Incident

Latest Home Fire Facts 


Surge in fire incidents


Loss annually due to home fires

Average 100 People

died due to home fires every year

15,000 Fire Incidents

occur in Punjab this year


We at Haseen Habib Home Fire  Safety are not limited to reliable fire safety products. After every successful installation of home fire safety equipment, we train and educate you and your family about How to use fire safety equipment? How to react when a fire breaks out? How to react after smoke alarm activation? and provide you a manual to make things clear. In order to ensure your safety, our experts guide you about automated systems along with maintenance checklists and backup plans.

Setting Home Fire Safety Standards

Our home fire safety measures insure your family safety and the safety of belongings

Home Fire Safety Products

Quality isn’t just in what we make, it’s in what we do.

Haseen Habib Corporation Private Limited brings you a home fire protection kit right to your doorstep. Our group of specialists recognizes the constantly changing world of fire and life protection and is dedicated to serving you so you can concentrate on your business while feeling secure. We provide a complete home protection package to ensure your safety in the event of any fire emergency.

Train Before Fires Start


Regular Repair & Maintenance Call-Out Services

Repair & Maintenance

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